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“Under The Hood”: A Field Trip for Progressive Driven Dairy Farming Rebels Who Want To Discover How Cows Really Work.
[Without Too Much Sitting Down]

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From: Jane Sisam
Re: The Pink Cow Company Field Trip “Under the Hood” Series..1. Carbohydrate Fermentation

Hi there dairy farming innovators,

You are action orientated, curious and driven to do better for your family and cows.
And have likely already completed some Primary ITO papers on Animal Health and Husbandry, Rumen Digestion, Feeding and Pasture and Milk Production at level 3, 4 and even 5 level.

Last year I did an excellent course on Dairy Cow Nutrition and Management and found myself looking for the Lego sets I had saved from when my sons were younger. I found building a model made the information easier to get my head around.

So I figured there may be other men and women like me who love cows and need different learning experiences. Which is why I’m offering this new Field Trip Series for you. 

In a lot of ways cows are like high performance cars. Only it’s a lot easier to look under the hood of a car to touch the parts and see how it works compared with a pregnant dairy cow. Fermentation in the rumen provides the fuel for our cow and that’s the system we’re going to explore on our first field trip …THE FUEL SYSTEM.

Let’s lift up the hood and have a play!.

– Jane

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“Jane is so positive and she gets results”                “you make coaching a fun and positive  experience”

“you are energetic, hardworking and a capable all-rounder”

maize and fermentation
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get On Your “Under The Hood” Field Trip


⦁ transport to the Aoteaoroa Brewery in Kawerau and home of Mata Beer. We’ll be shown around by Tammy Viitakangas their expert brewer
⦁ a workbook to record what you discovered about carbohydrate fermentation and production. The similarities and differences between beer brewing and how a cow digests her feed to make milk
⦁ group discussion afterwards in a dairy farm setting with activities to do


⦁ lunch and refreshments to eat on the way

Still Not Sure?

No Worries!

Your “Under The Hood” Field Trip

June 21st 10.30 am – 1.30 pm
We Meet at Edgecumbe ,,,The Fonterra Dairy Company Car Park

Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
I’m ready to stand behind my work.

Email me at janesisam@thepinkcowcompany.com if you have questions and I’ll get back to you.

Or text 0274204527 to book your Complimentary 20 min Chat About How This Field Trip Could Make You More Money

REMEMBER: You have a different kind of smart than a lot of other dairy farming people you know.

Thanks for being you.You are perfect just the way you are. 


Jane Sisam

BSc [Chemistry], BVSc, MACVSc [Dairy Cattle Medecine]