Working Together

Here are four different ways we can work together to keep your cows healthy, productive and in calf.

1. 8 Steps to Making The Most Of Your Animal Health Spend

Consists of a 2 hour brain storming session with you and your partner looking at options and opportunities.

As well as a workbook and follow up report.

Tuition: one payment of $199 inc G.S.T

2. Healthy Livers      

A four month Facial Eczema Spore Count monitoring and facilitating program from January through to the end of April.

Consists of working with your team toward a goal PLUS weekly spore counting of 5 paddocks. Also includes blood testing to check liver health and Zinc levels.

Tuition one time payment of $4997 inc G.S.T or 3 payments of $1747 inc G.S.T

3. Keep Them Up!

This is a four month program aimed to set up cows well for calving again in the spring…to minimize metabolic diseases like milk fever and ketosis.

It consists of creating a simple plan in June as well as herbage and cow testing. Also twice monthly farm visits to work with and coach your team. PLUS telephone support when needed.

Tuition one time payment of $4297 inc G.S.T or 4 payments of $1149 inc G.S.T

4. Cow Nutrition 101    

This is a five week series of two hour sessions covering the basics of dairy cow nutrition.

Tuition one time payment of $497 inc G.S.T for all 5 or $117 inc G.S.T per workshop


Here’s What They Are Saying…..

“let you know how well everything is going on the farm. We have 500 plus cows calved with only the loss of 1 cow and we are not convinced it was milk fever. We’ve not had a vet to calve a cow on the farm. We have used 2 boxes of CBG as against who knows what for last year. We have probably treated 12 cows and have had a very positive response.
The cows look good and are milking well. The staff are relaxed and getting home at a respectable time.
The steps we have taken under your supervision to address eczema and milk fever have been a huge plus to this farm” …John and Colleen Campbell, Awakeri, B.O.P 

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